Climate Action Summits

Later this year we will be running events for using our ‘Ecosystem Design Thinking’ to foster collaboration, empower innovation and discover disruptive solutions to reverse global warming and enable Mother Nature to do what she loves doing…regenerating.

We will be facilitating local physical events as well as Web conferencing global events for the more active LinkedIn Groups.

The initial events will be run in Melbourne, Australia

These events will help provide additional ideas and feedback for the Countdown Summits in October.

What Is An Action Summit?

Our Why

An Action Summit is the hybrid of a hackathon, networking event, unconference, pitchfest and design thinking.

Events will take place over the course of 2 days, and brings together an inclusive and diverse range of people to ‘hack’ out solutions on global warming and its effects.

Local Events

By bringing together concerned citizens and fostering collaboration between existing activist groups we believe much more effective outcomes can be achieved.

Fragmentation is one of the key problems that’s been slowing

We had been planning to  pilot our events in Melbourne Australia and  a separate website for this series of ‘National Climate Solutions Summits‘ (NCSS) that would run every two weeks on Friday/Saturday from May to September ahead of the TED Countdown Summit in October. Now that the TED SUMMIT is not happening as planned we too will be moving to Online Climate Solutions Summits.


  1. Mobilizing Climate Solutions
  2. Democracy and Citizen Ecosystems
  3. The Climate Communications Crisis
  4. Food Systems
  5. Transport
  6. Built Environment
  7. Energy
  8. Nature and Regreening

The content from each of these events will be available for viewing in a video library.

Global Web Conferencing Events

There is amazing work being done around the planet on various solutions from Rooftop Solar and Microgrids to Regenerative Agriculture and Marine Permaculture.

Our aim is to help unite the experts and people passionate about different opportunities to fast track prototyping solutions and then scaling the effective ones globally.

We will be empowering our Climate Solutionists to run online events so that rather than just watch content, people from around the world can get involved with the processes.

Our Pilot for a specific Solution will be the Regenerative Agriculture 4 Climate Summit

Our first Action Summits will be held in Melbourne, Australia.

The first event will be held in May 2020 as a follow up to the National Climate Emergency Summit held in February 2020.

This will be followed up every two weeks with another Summit.

The second Summit – ‘A 2020 Vision for Victoria in the Year 2050’ where we will introduce our ‘Ecosystem Design Thinking’ process and explore disruptive visions of a future Victoria.

The Vision will focus on the same key areas as TED:  Power, Transport, Built Environment, Food and Nature with breakout sessions for each theme.

The third Summit will look more holistically at the opportunity to transition to a post-fossil fuel world where the focus is on a thriving regenerative society. We will explore the opportunities to evolve from a divisive vested democracy to a  new deeper democracy and from a world of extractive capitalism where the plutocrats are the winners to  fairer regenerative capitalism.

Click here to see a thought starter of a Vision for Victoria’s Food Ecosystem as submitted to the Rockefeller Food System Vision Prize (make sure you refer the 3 attachments)

In July  these first events will be followed up with five separate events focusing on the various solutions within each of the five themes that will feature at the TED Countdown summits on October 10th 2020. : Energy, Transport, Built Environment. Food and Nature (Regreening).