Project Drawdown identified and ranked the top 100 solutions to reversing global warming after extensive research and modelling. There were the usual suspects such as Solar Power but also many surprising ones:

  • Refrigernat Management
  • Empowering Women
  • Food Waste
  • Regenerative Agriculture
  • Marine Permaculture

We have taken that list and supplemented it with other important solutions such as Divestment, Litigation and Financial Climate Risk Disclosure. For each solution we are creating a LinkedIn Group for people to gather

Here’s the list grouped in broad headings:


Agriculture Restoration, Algal Bioreactors, Bamboo, Big Ag, Biodynamic Agriculture, Carbon Farming, Composting, Cotton, Drought Management, Flood Management, Hemp,Irrigation, Microbial Fertilizers, Multistrata Agroforestry, Natural Sequence Farming, Nitrogen Management, Organic Agriculture, Pasture Cropping, Permaculture, Pollination, Regenerative Agriculture, Silvopasturing, Small Holder Farming, Soil Health, Water Management


3D Printing, Building Standards, Construction Materials, District Heating/Cooling, Green Roofs, Heat Pumps, Hemp, Insulation, Kenaf, LED Lighting, Living Buildings, Smart Buildings, Smart Glass, Wood


Bikeable, Cities, Deurbanization, Ecovillages, Smart Cities, Urban Climate Adaptation, Urban Cooling, Urban Design, Urban Greening, Walkable Cities


Acidifying Oceans, Adaptation scenarios, Albedo Effect, Blue Ocean Events, Drought, Extreme weather, Feedback Loop Risk, Permafrost, Sea Levels, Thermohaline, Typhoons, Warming Oceans, Wildfires.


2040 Movie, Agenda 21, Climate Denial, Climate Humour, Climate Sabotage, Climate Science, Fake News, Growth Paradigms, Hope Narratives, Murdoch Press, Neoliberalism, Post Neoliberalism, Vision2020


Climate Education, Educating Women, Fake News Education, Family Planning


Cap-Trade, Carbon Offsets, Carbon Tax, Fee-Dividend


Agrivoltaics, Battery Farms, Battery Technology, Biodiesel, Biogas, Coal, Cogeneration, Concentrated Solar Power, Distributed PV Solar, Electrification, Energy Conservation, Fission, Fracking, Fuel Cells, Fusion, Gas, Geothermal, Grid Transmission, Hydro Pumped Storage, Hydroelectric, Hydrogen, Landfill Methane, Recovery, Micro Grids, Molten Salt Storage, Molten Salt Thorium Fission, Ocean Thermal, Off Grid,Oil, Smart Charging, Smart Grids, Solar Ocean Farms, Solar Technology, Solar Water, Solid State Batteries, Tidal, Utility PV Solar, Wave, Wind Micro, Wind Offshore, Wind Onshore


Climate Bonds, Divestment, Engagement, Governance, Insurance, Investment, Microfinance, Pension Funds, Philanthropy, Risk Management, TCFD Reporting, Transition Finance


Clean Cookstoves, Corn, Dairy, Feedlot Beef, Food Miles, Food Waste Minimisation, Food Waste Recovery, Food Waste Treatment, Managed Grazing, Pasture Fed Beef, Perennials,Plant-based diet, Rice, Ruminant Methane, Soy, Supply Chain Provenance, Wheat


Wastewater management, Water distribution

GEOENGINEERING (not endorsing)

Arctic Ice Water Management, Arctic Silica, Carbon Capture Sequestration, Direct Air Capture, Dumping, Genetic Engineer Reflective Crops, Olivine Weathering, Solar Radiation Management


Artificial Intelligence, Augmented Reality, Blockchain,Citizen Apps, Climate Software, Communications, Data, Drone, Data Emission Measurement, Internet of Things, Open Source Software, Platforms, Satellites, Sequestration Measurement, Social Media, Software, Telepresence


Alternative Refrigerants, Bioplastics, Biotechnology, Coke Steel, Construction, Glass,Graphene, Low C Cement, Low C Steel, Machinery Efficiencies, Plastics, Refrigerant Management, Supply Chain Management


Job Creation, Just Transition


Afforestation, Biochar, Coastal Wetlands, Deforestation, Desertification, Humates, Indigenous Land Management, Mangroves, Peatlands, Reforestation, Soil Health, Temperate Forests, Tree Planting, Tropical Forests, Wildfire Management


Legislation, Litigation


Adaptation, Circular Economy, Degrowth, Recycling Fashion, Recycling Glass, Recycling Metals, Recycling Paper, Recycling Plastics


Accelerators, Action Summits, Carbon Footprint Tools, Citizen Action Plans, Climate Adaptation, Collaboration, Dashboards, Design Thinking, Disruptive Ideas, Governance, Indigenous Wisdoms, Innovation, Knowledge bases, Scope 3 Emissions, Transition Planning, Visual Thinking


Carbon Debt Forgiveness, Climate Conflict, Climate Justice, Climate Migration, Economic Development Aid, IP Transfer, Microfinance, Microphilanthropy, Population Management


Boycotts, Citizens Assemblies, Climate Solution Subsidies, Deep Democracy, Elections, Fossil Fuel Subsidies, Lobbying, Organizational Activism, Peoples Assemblies, Policies, Political Activism, Regulations


Blue Economy, Fisheries, Marine Permaculture, Ocean Sequestration, Seaweed


Business, Citizens, Government, Investors, Non-Profits, Other Organizations


Autonomous Vehicles, Aviation, Drones, Electric Bikes, Electric Vehicles, EV Batteries, EV Charging, High Speed Rail, Hybrid Vehicles, Hydrogen Vehicles, Hyperloop, Low Miles Supply Chain, Public Mass Transit, Rail, Recycled Roads, Ridesharing, Shipping, Smart Logistics, Smart Roads, Trucks

Each group will be working with the following objectives

  • 1. Assemble Volunteer Citizens, Scientists and Experts to find the solutions and develop implementation plans and policies that will fast track reducing greenhouse gas levels
  • 2. Educate the wider public and encourage them to decide for themselves whether we have a Crisis and whether they too should join the ranks of becoming ‘Climate Solutionists’
  • 3. Develop and refine our draft Climate Crisis Blueprint
  • 4. Gather information about existing projects and ideas that contribute to solving the Crisis
  • 5.  Develop a series of ‘Climate Crisis Solutions Blueprints’ that can be communicated and lobbied for to the Politicians, Influencers, Financiers, Businesses, Philanthropists and others who can get things done quickly
  • 6. Support the TED COUNTDOWN Summits to gather this influencer support
  • 7.Relentlessly push for collaboration and adoption of these action plans