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Get Involved

How You Can Make A Difference

Join at TED Countdown

Sign up at Countdown (


#JoinTheCountdown at  the unofficial LinkedIn Group

By joining the Group you Join the Climate Solutions Alliance


Read the draft Blueprint and 2020 Vision example

Read our ‘Climate Crisis Blueprint’ and example of a 2020 Vision for 2050


Find your role

Download the Getting Started Guide and discover  purpose and how your skills and interests can truly make a difference in tackling the Climate Crisis

1. Join the Countdown at TED

By signing up at TED you’ll be notified directly as things gear up for the October Action Summits to be held in Cities around the world to turn the tide with Climate Change.

The focus will be on the themes:

  • Power – How rapidly can we move to 100% clean energy?
  • Built Environment – How can we re-engineer the stuff that surrounds us
  • Transport – How do we transform the ways we move?
  • Food – How can we spark a worldwide shift to healthier food systems?
  • Regreening – How extensively can we re-green the earth?

2. #JoinTheCountdown LinkedIn Group

  • Meet other ‘Climate Solutionists’
  • Discover how you can play a meaningful role in the lead up to the October Countdown Summits

3. Download the Climate Crisis Blueprint and a sample 2020 Vision

Download the ‘Climate Crisis Blueprint’ to find our step-by-step roadmap to turning the tide on the Climate Crisis
Download the example ‘2020 Vision for Victoria, Australia in the Year 2050’. We have put together a futuristic look at the Food System in Central Victoria, Australia as an example of the power of visioning a future of sustainability, prosperity and happiness if we fast-track a transition to a post-fossil fuel economy.

4. Find your role

Download the ‘Getting Started Guide’ to find out how you can help gather the information about solutions and projects to prepare for the TED Action Summits in October

You can get started with one of our four types of LinkedIn ‘4 Climate’ Groups

  1. Solutions – Choose from more than 250 Climate Solutions groups such as Regenerative Agriculture 4 Climate
  2. Local – Choose from over 300 Local groups such as Melbourne 4 Climate
  3. Local Solutions – Request a local solutions group eg Melbourne Food 4 Climate
  4. Tribes – Request a ‘Tribe’ group eg Rotarians 4 Climate or Just Have a Think 4 Climate
Coming Soon –The Getting Started Guide