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On October 10th, 2020 TED (you know TED the ideas network that runs TED talks), in conjunction with their partners are organizing Action Summits around the world to find Solutions for the Climate Crisis.

The focus will be on five key areas:

Power, Transport, Built Environment, Food and Regreening.

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You’ll be a ‘Climate Solutionist’ working with others to not just raise awareness but contribute to solutions-based action.

Between now and October 10th 2020 we will be helping to prepare information and identify solutions that can be taken into the TED Countdown Summits.

At these summits the efforts and wisdom of people and businesses around the world will help identify the best ideas and solutions that can be attract the financial and human resources needed to fast-track their impact.


Do You Care Enough to be One of Them ?

There are over a Billion people in the affluent west. That’s more than 300 million alarmed about the Climate Crisis.

Imagine if just 0.1% of those came together and started working on developing blueprints to save humanity in much the same way as small numbers of people landed man on the moon or galvanized to fight Fascism and win World War 2. That’s more than 300,000 people …surely that’s enough to solve the problems we face. We believe it’s more than a Climate Crisis, it’s a Climate Emergency.

It’s time to act as if it is. It’s time for fast-tracking solutions.

We believe we need to unite, collaborate and take action around solutions not just building awareness and hoping that our Politicians will save us….we know how that course of action is likely to work out don’t we?

Join us. Get Involved. Let’s do This.

150 people in 1000 cities working on local solutions
1000 people globally and locally working on 150 issues/opportunities
All united with one mission: to implement solutions to reduce the risk of runaway global warming


Let’s Save The Future For Our Children

Our Why

To reduce the risk of Planet Earth hitting a tipping point of spiralling global warming that results in catastrophic impact to the economic and social fabric of society.

Our How

Gather thinking citizens and empower collaboration, innovation and ingenuity to develop effective solutions and action plans that limit Greenhouse Gases to safe levels.

Our What

We develop frameworks and host ‘Climate Action Summit’ events to bring together citizens and facilitate Design Thinking processes to develop and implement solutions.

We host events at local venues to develop local solutions as well as global events via web conferencing for targeted themes ranging from Solar Power to Regenerative Agriculture.